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Danubius presents Eastern European and Balkan music to San Francisco Bay Area audiences ranging from restaurant patrons to folk dancers. The traditional forms of the music are preserved, and at the same time given new life with their arrangements and interpretation. This isn't "world music," some mish-mosh poured out of a blender. A Danubius performance combines hard-driving Southern Romanian tunes, Hungarian Gypsy restaurant favorites, Bulgarian dances and Macedonian melodies, juxtaposed to make a tapestry of sound while preserving the character of each distinct musical style. The band's name comes from the river Danube, which winds through and around most of the countries whose music we play: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia.

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mimicry releases

(WoM 010) - 2003



Danubius' debut album, a collection of their traditional interpretations.

  1. Transylvanian Suite: Doina de Ardeal
  2. Transylvanian Suite: Purtata Si Invârtita Din Tara Fagarasului
  3. Transylvanian Suite: Hategana
  4. Hungarian Roma
  5. Caval Suite: Câ ntec Lui Dumitru Dobrican
  6. Caval Suite: Joc Ca la Stâna
  7. Nóta Suite: Friss Csárdas
  8. Nóta Suite: Maros Víze Folyik Csendesen [mp3]
  9. Nóta Suite: Minek a Söke Énnékem?
  10. Nóta Suite: Hull a Fa Levele, Hull a Hó [mp3]
  11. Geamparalele: Geamparalele de la Cernavoda / Lelita Loana / Geamparalele Ba tute [mp3]
  12. Bulgarian Suite: Melodija
  13. Bulgarian Suite: Blateshnichka Kopanitsa [mp3]
  14. Dunántúli Suite: Ugrós
  15. Dunántúli Suite: Lassú / Friss Csárdás
  16. Kyuchek [mp3]
  17. Muntenian Suite: Hora Rara
  18. Muntenian Suite: Braul Pe Sase
  19. Muntenian Suite: Joc Tiganesc de Doi
  20. Muntenian Suite: Brâul Pe Opt



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